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New Bigger Size Nioxin 3-part system Kits

RRP £43.99 Saving 25% when you purchase the larger sets

Discover Nioxin’s solutions to thinning hair.

Thinning hair can effects 50% of men and women and can trigger a whole load of negative emotions. With 85% customer satisfaction, Nioxin could be the solution for you.
Firstly, it’s important to understand why we loose our hair. There are 6 reasons why our hair can experience thinning:

1. Genetic factors
2. Stress and trauma
3. Health reasons
4. Environment related
5. Medication issues
6. Nutrition and diet

Some of these reasons could cause temporary hair loss and can be easily treated, but factors such as medication or poor health could lead to long term hair thinning. Nioxin helps to reverse this in 3 ways:

1. Density- experiencing fewer hair strands is one of the first sign of hair thinning, resulting in gaps in the overall silhouette. In order for hair to mature the scalp needs to be kept clean and protected from damage.
2. Diameter- finer hair strands is another sign of hair thinning, finer hair is weaker and cannot support the weight of itself, resulting in fluffy it flat appearance. In order to take the hair to its full maturity (where it appears fuller and thicker) hair must be strengthened and protected from the base.
3. Derma- the scalp environment is one of the main reasons for hair to thin, healthy, deeply rooted hair will only form in a scalp that is free from sebum, debris and excess skin cells.

Our Nioxin 3-part System Kits come with a full money back guarantee- they are that sure of their product. Free consultations are also available in salon to help you diagnose the correct system for you!

Within the kits you receive:
1. Scalp cleanser- contains peppermint and white tea extract to throughly cleanse the scalp of debris and clogging oils.
2. Scalp revitaliser- a lightweight conditioner that will provide hair resilience and control moisture balance.
3. Scalp treatment- contains botanicals and anti-oxidants to provide and refreshed scalp envionment. (Certain systems also include spf)

Limited Stocks available

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